Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings

Replace amalgam fillings with natural-looking dental fillings at New England Dental in Armidale. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, on average around 3 in every 10 adults aged 25-44 have tooth decay. If you have a cavity and your tooth is decayed, a dental filling is generally the most common way to resolve the problem. Dental fillings are used to restore the structure and integrity of a tooth. If the tooth is beyond the repair of a dental filling, a different treatment may be more appropriate to fix the tooth. For more details click on Emergency Dental Perth WA.

Today, tooth coloured fillings are a popular and durable choice over amalgam fillings because of the blend in with the colour of your natural teeth.

Benefits of tooth-coloured dental fillings

They look like natural teeth

They don’t stain your teeth or gums

They are durable – can last up to 10 years

They can restore strength to damaged teeth

They maintain the integrity of the natural tooth

They are considered safer than amalgam fillings

They preserve more of the natural tooth

They can be custom colour toned

Tooth-coloured dental fillings look natural because they blend in seamlessly with your teeth. They are considered the more aesthetic tooth restoration.

Replace amalgam fillings

Dental amalgam fillings contain elemental mercury. While there is no direct evidence to suggest that amalgam fillings can be harmful to one’s health it is known that exposure to high levels of mercury vapour can be dangerous. Researchers have been able to detect low levels of mercury vapour in the mouths of the subjects they studied. Some had amalgam fillings and some didn’t so it is assumed that there are other sources of mercury vapour such as air pollution or consumption of foods like large fish which can absorb mercury through the food chain. Amalgam fillings can also cause staining on the teeth and gums. Although amalgam fillings are strong, they are considered an outdated method of filling teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Our principal Dentist Dr Henzell uses tooth coloured materials because of his commitment to aesthetic dentistry. Many patients are surprised to learn that tooth coloured fillings not only restore decay, but they can also actually brighten rather than dull the smile.

Tooth-coloured dental fillings

Do you need any fillings? For more information on dental fillings, contact the lovely team in Armidale at New England Dental located on Dangar Street, South Hill. We have had years of experience assisting patients with their oral health concerns. Dr Henzell has been working as a dentist in Armidale since 1985 and takes pride in ensuring his patients receive quality treatments with gentle and caring service.

Crown and Bridgework

Do you have a tooth that is broken beyond repair of a general sealant? Crowns and bridgework can restore and repair teeth to their prime function and aesthetics. Heavily filled teeth can develop stress fractures due to the strains that chewing can place on them.

Time to cap

As a general rule, if there is more filling remaining than the natural tooth structure, then the tooth should be capped by a crown. If a heavily filled tooth is filled beyond its means, the tooth will continue to crack and deteriorate.

Close the gap

If you are unfortunately missing some of your natural teeth due to extractions, you can now close these gaps in your smile with bridgework. Bridges are a suitable procedure to maintain the strength of the teeth on either side of the vacancy and will close the gap to restore chewing ability.

Secure placement

Unlike partial dentures which have to be removed for cleaning, bridges are fixed permanently in place. Bridges can be cleaned and flossed as normal and will restore strength, function and aesthetics to the smile.