How to fix a broken denture tooth?

First and foremost, do not be alarmed. Second, don’t go for the mega or gorilla glue. These glues are water-soluble, which ensures they melt when exposed to water. Third, you’ll want this fixed by a specialist. Make sure you spot the missing tooth, or at least the broken part of the tooth, and place it in a plastic baggie or a small jar. It should not be included in a napkin or paper towel. People sometimes throw away tissues and papers, unaware that they have a tooth in them.

The majority of denture teeth are made of silicone that adheres to the pink plastic foundation. This is why it’s crucial not to try to stick it in yourself with glue. Commercially available glues can fail over time, causing the tooth to slip out again.

The patch would be more costly if the tooth cannot be located. A new tooth would have to be inserted, and finding a true colour and shape fit can be challenging, particularly in a denture that has been worn for a long time. It could take a little longer to fit that one in. For emergency denture repairs in Ellenbrook, visit us today!

Denture Repairs Ellenbrook

Benefits of Dentures

  • Dentures will boost your self-confidence.
  • Your smile and beauty have improved.
  • Your facial muscles are supported by dentures.
  • Dentures will help you speak more clearly.
  • Dentures encourage patients to consume foods that they wouldn’t be able to eat if they didn’t have teeth.

Denture replacement

Chipped or fractured denture teeth will usually be healed without difficulty. After taking the correct measurements and comparing the colour to the rest of the denture teeth, a dentist or prosthodontist will typically remove the affected tooth and substitute it with a new tooth. The fresh tooth is then added to the denture. However, if the damage is serious, wearers can need to replace their dentures altogether. During a consultation with a dentist or prosthodontist, this determination is normally taken.

Problems with broken dentures

Dentures that have not been corrected can cause a lot of issues for a patient. The location of a missing tooth, for example, may irritate the patient’s tongue, cheeks, or the rest of their mouth.

Here’s What To Do In Case Of Denture Emergency

Prosthesis fracturing is one of the most serious issues that complete dentures face. If the dentures snap in two, this is known as a prosthesis fracture.

A prosthesis fracture most often affects the top denture, but it may also affect the bottom denture.

Unfortunately, chewing, feeding, and drinking are all adversely impacted by a fractured denture.

A fractured denture is not only unsightly, but it also makes opening the mouth humiliating.

Worse, it seems that the dentures still crack at the most inconvenient times.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s a first date, a job presentation, or a social gathering with a photo opportunity, you should be sure that you’ll want your denture fixed successfully and efficiently.

Avoiding home denture repair

Patients do not attempt to repair their dentures at home. Many people would recommend replacing the tooth or a portion of the tooth with hard glue. Many of these glues, on the other hand, are water-soluble, meaning they can melt until the patient wears the denture again. Another issue with at-home denture restoration is that the glues contain additives that are not intended for use in the mouth.

Professional denture restoration is more likely to last than a denture repair package. The healing procedure can be sped up if the dentures are repaired by an experienced dentist. If a person fails to restore their dentures with a package, it can make potential denture repairs more difficult for the dentist. A buildup of glue around the tooth and denture will make it difficult to fit a new one.